Location: Aba Hillel St. Ramot, Jerusalem
client : Hibat Zion Society
completion date : 1995

The neighborhood center includes shops, a synagogue and an open public square. Nestling in the heart of a residential area of white stone landscape, it is distinguished by its pink stone and red-tiled roofs.

The natural topographical lines of the sloped site determined the entrance level to the shops and to the synagogue as well as the landscaping levels.

The direction of the paths, the exact location of the shops and the synagogue on the site, stemmed from a design process that took place on the site itself, while taking a slow walk from the upper level of the site to the lower one
The main path leads to the synagogue, and then splits into two routes. One route leads directly to the square, and the other turns into an arcade, which leads to the shops at the different levels of the site.

The interior design of the synagogue was based on traditional patterns. Being an Ashkenazi synagogue, the worshippers’ seats were placed parallel to and opposite the Holy Ark, a pattern influenced by the seating arrangement in churches, with which Jews in their countries of origin were familiar.
The wall of the Holy Ark is positioned in the direction of the Western Wall in the old city of Jerusalem. The highly impressive space includes the main prayer hall and the women’s wing at the upper gallery. The worshippers can enjoy the beautiful scenery framed by the tall windows.

The buildings are of the traditional “ Jerusalem stone”, the inherent properties of which actually dictated the nature of the construction details which created the common language of the neighborhood center.