Location: 1-34 Yefet St. Jaffa
client : Oz Investment L.T.D.
completion date :
design phase : 1991-2004

Jaffa , one of the most ancient cities in the world, whose remains can be traced back to the second century B.C., has been destroyed and rebuilt many times.

The development compound is located along the ditch at the seam between the old and new city. The construction outside the old city walls began in the middle of the 19 th century, under the Ottoman rule when in a surge of urban development markets, administrative buildings, the monasteries and transportation routes were constructed.

The objective of the new development plan was to revitalize the compound, which was in a rundown state, while realizing to the maximum the potential inherent in these beautiful buildings of such historic value.
In contrast to the common conception, according to which the building’s old façade is kept frozen and is totally disconnected from the new content behind it, thus turning it into a mere theatrical setting, here life was to be generated by creating a clear functional link - a true dialogue between the building’s newly designed interior and its existing exterior.
The idea was to create a dynamic urban area, where the existing historic fabric is respected and preserved while newly built parts are added, with a balanced spread of the new construction.

At the eastern boundary of the compound runs Yefet Street, which gives the impression of a wadi, a pattern that repeats itself in other ancient cities in the Mediterranean region, such as Sienna or Venice, an impression I wanted to preserve and enhance in the new development plan.
The buildings that run along Yefet Street are the most magnificent ones left from the mid-nineteenth century. Their ceilings are high and ornamental, the windows are arched, and the roofs are made of red clay tiles.

At the northern part of the compound, next to the clock square, we find the “Gate House” complex, with the ruins of the guard tower at the top. That house constitutes the main entrance to the old city of Jaffa.
The “Gate House” complex, like the houses on Hatsorfim street, is characterized by a “Casba” fabric, having buildings with vaulted ceilings.